The Duchy’s Dilemma

The Duchy’s Dilemma is set in the Duchy of Maherion. The duchy is large and prosperous. It sits on the Eastern border of the kingdom of Tarthan. Beyond Maherion is a wilderness that had at one time been the rival kingdom of Kelt. However, some 200 years ago, Kelt attempted to invade Tarthan, and made it as far as the Merhion capital city of Vrella before they were turned back. Kelt expended so many resources in their invasion attempt, that the kingdom soon collapsed. Over the years, vile creatures moved in to the cities and strongholds of Kelt. While they were a nuisance to the villages along the border, they posed no serious threat to the duchy. Every so often some of the creatures would raid the villages of Maherion, but the villagers were usually up to the task of throwing back the raiders.

Our adventurers had heard stories about the riches still to be found in the ruins of Kelt. While working as caravan guards, one of their fellow guards talked about the ruins near his home village of Channings Ford. Convinced that this was their road to wealth, they decided to strike out once their contract was up, and traveled to the village to seek their fortunes. The adventure begins with the party enjoying the hospitality of the villagers of Channings Ford.

Note With apologies to Elizabeth Moon, I borrowed the Duchy’s name from from the series “The Deed of Paksenarrion” (one of my favorite fantasy series), and also based the capital city’s name on a city in the series.

Duchy's Dilemma